The Artists

Wine Rack "Yes on H! - Support Biodiversity"
by: Taimi Barty

Mendocino fought to prevent genetically engineered crops from being grown in the county. It was known as “Measure H” on the ballot. Although a significant amount of money was spent to defeat the measure, the residents of Mendocino won. It was this inspiring victory against a large corporation that motivated me to make this wine rack. Each shelf is veneered with a different type of maple. There is curly maple, bronze maple, figured maple, quilted maple, hard maple and spalted maple. The variance that exists within this species of wood can only survive if we encourage biodiversity. I wanted to highlight this beauty and individuality. The stand is made of Jatoba. The rack holds 36 bottles.

19 x 12 x 46

Jatoba and maple

$ 900.