The Artists

Desk and Chair
by: Taimi Barty

This writing desk project was originally intended to be a fly tying bench. However, as I began working with the European Beech, a delicate and romantic writing desk with a curved front evolved in line the natural curves in the grain pattern and the soft, pinkish tone of the wood. There are five drawers and two secret compartments to hold the most intimate of possessions made out of the Mendocino Cypress which has a soft, floral smell. The glass door on the left side of the galley provides a dust free area to keep photos and mementos.

This chair was designed by Carl Malmsten in 1916 and was built according to the original blue prints which I acquired in Sweden. Malmsten was Sweden’s premier furniture designer and was the teacher of my teacher, James Krenov. So, honor of them both, I built this chair. It was designed to be used at the City Hall of Stockholm, Sweden. If you notice, it is high. My feet barely touch the ground when I sit in it. But, it was intended to be stately and accommodate the decision making bureaucrats.

The finish is an oil varnish.

Desk: 39"x24"x 38" - Chair: 20"x23"x33"

The wood used is Bosse

Desk - $7900; Chair - $2800; Set - $9800