The Artists

ITE #001 Basic Tetrahedron
by: Crispin B. Hollinshead

This is the first of the Intentional Technology Experiments (ITE).

The basic shape is a tetrahedron, the most fundamental of the five Platonic Solids. The crystals at the four nodes have been charged with the intention of Gratitude, Love, and Awakening. LEDs shine through the crystals, transferring the intention to the focal point of the structure. The current for the LEDs runs through the coils on the struts, creating a tetrahedron of electromagnetic energy. The platform in the middle allows an object to be held at the focal point of the structure. The graphic on the platform is the Flower Of Life. The mirror reflect all the energy up into the room.

The wood in the crystal nodes is CocoBolo. The steam bent struts and base are Madrone. The accent pieces are Ebony. The LED's run on 4.5 volts.

16" x 16" x 18"h

Madrone, Ebony, CocoBolo, crystals, glass, copper wire

destroyed in shipping