The Artists

capriccio 2010
by: Stefan Furrer

According to the dictionary ‘capriccio’ is:
1. a sudden and unexpected or fantastic motion; a caper; a gambol
2. a fantastical thing or work of art; a caprice
3. a piece of music, usually fairly free in form and of a lively character.
It is also:
4. the name of one of Nespresso’s 16 Grands Crus of Coffee.
And as of now:
5. the name of the newest piece in my series of ‘Freestanding Room Organizers’.
In Switzerland all my friends I recently visited seem to have one of these fancy Nespresso™ machines that uses small capsules – no mess, no guess, just every time a perfect espresso, the best espresso you can brew at home!
I fell in love with this system on the spot. Which as a cabinetmaker meant I wanted to build a cabinet on a stand with this fire engine red machine as a centerpiece.
Here is what I came up with: black and white, clean and elegant. Freestanding. Accessible from all sides. A bar where you start your morning: A polished table top on a perfect height to operate the machine and to put your espresso cup.
The two cabinet doors hold specifically designed capsule spenders for you to choose your favorite Grand Cru. 53 magnets miraculously – or shall I say: capriciously? - hold everything in place.

20 x 22 x 76

steel, Richlite™ 'slate', bamboo, frosted glass, 3 dimmable halogen lights