The Artists

Snowy's High Doggie Diner
by: Judy tarbell

Snowy’s High Doggie Diner is made of California white oak; it is also available in California black oak and recycled fir. Through-pinned tenons exemplify the attention to detail and quality of workmanship; the bone-shaped handles are both designerly and utilitarian; the shelf is handy for storing your dog’s toys. It is shown with one-quart hand-made ceramic bowls, which are available by special order; stainless steel bowls are standard. I made this diner for our dog, Snowflake, to ease stress on her neck and leg joints, and to help her better digest her food. For a full discussion of the advantages of Doggie Diners, and for ease of ordering, please visit my website

8" x 17" x 10"

California White Oak