The Artists

Boxwood Box
by: Bob Sanderson

Making my own lock was part of the impetus for building this piece. I designed and built the lock mechanism from solid brass stock. The key hole is located in the middle of the door, which necessitated that the lock mechanism also be mortised into the center of the door. This meant that the throw had to be long (half the width of the door).
I made my own substrate out of alder, to which I veneered the boxwood. Out of this I constructed the case, using box joints for joinery. The drawers are also constructed using with box joints. The drawer fronts are Olive wood from a branch that I had been given in 2000 and had resawn at that time. Those little pieces of olive have been moved with me for many years. The turned knobs and lock plate are also brass. I am proud to say that I made everything on this box from solid stock.

10" x 10" x 10"