The Artists

Kelley House Museum Cabinet
by: Taimi Barty

I was commissioned by the Kelley House Museum to build this display rack and bookshelf unit. The piece is constructed of redwood. The origin of this makes it particularly fitting for a historical preservation establishment, like the Kelley House. I managed to obtain this wood from the old Pudding Creek Bridge in Fort Bragg, CA. They rebuilt the bridge in 2006-7 and had to replace many of the old beams. The wood had been part of the bridge for at least 90 years. Story has it that some of the wood that was used to build the original Pudding Creek Bridge was recycled from another bridge, so there is really no telling where this wood has been! I had to piece it together since there were metal spikes throughout the material, but that only added to the charm of the piece. I was asked to build the piece in keeping with other furniture in the Museum. I copied the curve on the sides of the display rack and also the beveled edges of the shelves to match that of an original piece. The frame and panel construction of the sides of the cabinet were also in keeping with the existing style of the museum.

The piece is finished with an oil varnish.

40”wide, 15” deep and 50” high