The Artists

fyrabig 2001
by: Stefan Furrer

In a global world and English as its universal language I take comfort in knowing that there are still words in other languages that are so unique they can’t be adequately translated into English.
The Swiss German word "Fyrabig" is one of those. The closest I can come up with is: "calling it a day", but this is still far from its meaning, that includes "rest" or "leisure" after a days work, to "feast and be idle" after long working hours.
I built this loveseat as a present for my wife, who tends to garden into the late evening hours, hoping she would join me on the bench for a beer and to celebrate the evening.
You know you got the seat just right, if the cat loves to hang out there all day.
I used cedar, copper rivets and mixed my own milk paint after an old recipe.

23"d, 44"w, 34"h

cedar, milk paint