The Artists

by: Bob Sanderson

The exterior of the dresser is Western Big Leaf Maple and the interior is Mendocino Cypress. Finish is Shellac and wax.
The front of the cabinet is concave. These curves were created using a form and laying up sawn veneer in a vacuum press. The legs are European Beech. They were shaped using handplanes, chisels and a Japanese spokeshave.

The dovetails are handcut and I played with the layout of the pins and tails to create a playful pattern. The side of the cabinet is Western Big Leaf Maple while the side of the drawer is hard maple. Quite a contrast in color and grain pattern for being the same specie!

Pulls are carved from unsteamed pear.

Hinges are handshaped to match the curve of the door and carcass.

15" deep, 60" high, 32" wide