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Bob  Sanderson

Bob Sanderson

I have always built things. Before my first shop class in middle school I built model rockets and remote control cars. I studied wood technology in college and followed that up by working as a teacher’s assistant for a canoe building class. In 1999 I moved to Fort Bragg, CA to study under James Krenov, in order to develop an eye for design and further my knowledge of working with hand tools.
Fort Bragg and the culture of craftsmanship here agreed with me. I now have a shop with my wife, Wood Joint Studio. I build furniture, both commissioned work as well as my own pieces. We also construct custom cabinetry for homes and small business. One thing led to another and I am currently building the interior of a yacht.
Unable to find elegant and well made hardware for a tansu project, I started working with metal. Experimentation, some machine tools classes and demand has lead to Sanderson Hardware. I make brass hinges and other hardware for fine furniture pieces.
Every project offers something new to learn. The medium, whether wood, metal or Legos (with my son) and the forum, whether in our shop, on the water, or the living room floor, is not as important as the process of designing and the procedure of follow through. The goal is always the same; build something that is pleasing to the eye and useful in its surroundings.